Three photos from the Panes series are on display now at Waukegan's new Coffee Break (224 Washington, Waukegan). Ruth Rosales has opened a charming, welcoming, and very much needed local coffee, breakfast, and lunch spot just across from the County Courthouse complex.

Backstory. . .you'll have to ask Ruth when you stop in to get coffee and see the photos. . .but "Escher Sidewalk" was taken about a year ago, reflecting in the storefront window of the space that was only a dream for Rosales at that point. Ask her about the plastic table in the picture.

The Panes series shows double– or triple– or more images reflected in empty storefront windows or other panes of glass. No Photoshop or other manipulation was used. 

*  What looks abandoned sits in the midst of living, breathing spaces.
*  Consider your surroundings and notice the juxtapositions offering commentaries on our communities. 

All three photographs printed on metal (40W x 30H) are for sale, with all funds going towards Bethel Lutheran Church's community outreach ministry. Other sizes are also available for special order.
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